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Annual Exams Specialist

Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc

Primary Care Practice located in Forney, TX

Annual exams in children can detect or rule out medical problems or developmental delays before they become serious. At Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc in Forney, Texas, Renee Harwell APRN, MSN, CPNP-PC, and her experienced team offer child wellness exams for babies, children, and teenagers. Schedule your child’s next annual exam with Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc by phone or online today.

Annual Exams Q&A

What are annual exams?

Pediatric annual exams are yearly checkups for your child that help detect or rule out health issues before they become problematic. The Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc team completes wellness checkups for children of all ages to ensure they’re growing and developing as they should.

What happens during annual exams?

When arriving at Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc for an annual exam, the providers want to emphasize comfort. Please bring your child their favorite blanket. Their pediatric specialist completes the following:

Vital signs check

During a vital signs check, your provider evaluates your child’s height, weight, head circumference in babies, temperature, and pulse. They might also check your child’s blood pressure.

Medical history review

Your Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc specialist asks questions about your child’s behavior, developmental milestones, medical history, medications, and past diagnoses and surgeries during a comprehensive medical history review.

Physical exam

During a physical exam, your child’s provider examines them from head to toe. They evaluate the eyes, ears, nose, throat, limbs, abdomen, reflexes, breathing, and heartbeat to detect or rule out signs of physical health problems.

Health screening

Screening tests your pediatric specialist might perform include developmental screening, vision tests, hearing screening with Pure Tone technology, and speech, nutritional, and mental health screening.

Diagnostic testing

If your child is at risk of or exhibits signs of an illness or disease, your provider might recommend blood tests, urine tests, nasal or throat swabs, or diagnostic imaging procedures.


The Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc team offers a variety of preventive medicine services, such as vaccinations and health education. They can treat illnesses and diseases. Your provider might recommend diet and other lifestyle changes, medications or dietary supplements, further diagnostic testing, or referrals out to pediatric specialists.

How often should I schedule a child wellness exam?

Your pediatric specialist lets you know how often to schedule childhood wellness exams based on your child’s age and health. They might recommend a checkup once yearly starting at age three. Babies and young children require wellness exams more often.

Schedule a checkup at one to two weeks of age and again at one, two, four, six, and nine months old. See your child’s provider again when they are 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 months of age.

Give your child the best chance of staying healthy and thriving in life. Schedule their next annual exam at Pediatric Kare Klinic Pllc by phone or online today.